Thursday, October 8, 2009

Win a Year of Childcare!

I recently discovered this website when I was trying to figure out average rates for childcare in my local area. I even forwarded the URL to the members of my parenting group. Then, yesterday I got an email from an employee of the website asking if I would mention their giveaway in my blog. Sure! I think this is a good site for information, and for connecting with care providers in your area.

So, here it is: is hosting a giveaway for $12,455—that's how much the average family spends on child care each year. To enter, all you have to do is sign up for a free membership to the site. This is for people who don't even have kids, too. They list services for childcare, pet care, senior care, special needs, tutoring and lessons, and housekeeping! Probably anyone could use at least one of those services, right? Good luck! Contest ends October 9.

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  1. Since you are talking about childcare costs, we have had an au pair for years with Cultural Care Au Pair. We have had one for several years now. The cost of the au pair program is the same nationwide, about $340 per week, per family, not per child for up to 45 hours per week of childcare. It has been more affordable for us than a nanny in LA, and a daycare for two kids.