Friday, October 23, 2009

Lessons of Parenting

A few things that being a parent has taught me:
  • Never pass up an opportunity for a nap.
  • Take time to play.
  • Don't stress about your to-do list. There's always tomorrow.
  • All babies are different. They will all sit up, eat, crawl, sleep through the night, walk, and talk at different times, and that is OK.
  • If you forgot to bring wipes or a wet bag, the baby will probably poop.
  • If you thought you were going to be early, you still might not even make it on time.
  • Whatever gets the most worry will not actually happen; something else you never even considered probably will.
  • It's the truth when people say "they grow so fast," so try to appreciate every moment.

Moments like this....


  1. so very true! Especially the first one- always nap if you can! Speaking of that.... :)

  2. Yes! And if I may add one, the baby will poop heavily into the first six clean diapers after washing an entire load (with covers.) Argh!

  3. haha, items #1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 I'm pretty sure we learned (or at least I learned about you) in college. =) The ones about babies and poop... yeah, that's new stuff. super adorable picture!