Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clothesline Weather

I finally finished a little project that I'd had in process all summer long — a clothespin bag. Just in time for the rainy season. I did get to use it once before rolling our line up for the year, but the clothes still had to go into the dryer for a few minutes to get totally dry.

I found the pattern online here. The directions were pretty good, and have nice little thumbnail photos to go with them. The only difficult part to understand was which side you sew the seam on before folding over to the button part, but that part is hidden so I decided it didn't really matter. I used a fabric square that I had bought about a year ago because I liked the colors. The buttons were ones I had in my button box already, and the ribbon was left over from a gift that was nicely wrapped. In August, I embroidered this little design on the front, although it's hard to see in the photo. About a week or two ago, I finally finished it. I currently have the bag hanging from a clothes hanger, but it can also hang directly on the line, which is one reason I chose this pattern. I like the look of this one too, though.

I'm so excited for clothesline weather to come back! I do enjoy the fall for the lovely leaves, and winter for the holidays and snow activities, but spring and summer are really my favorite because I hate being cold, which I am all the time, and I love being outside. It just feels so nice to hang the laundry out to dry on the line and get that sunshiney smell, and know that you are saving electricity and money. I think this clothespin bag is going to make hanging my laundry out even more enjoyable than before. This may be my favorite trick for making chores fun: making something cute to use with them.


  1. "Clothesline Weather" is year round here in Phoenix! When I moved into my house two months ago and had the gas company come turn on my gas they left me a nice little note telling me my dryer was not vented to the outside so they did not turn it on because it was a safety hazard. I have opted not to resolve this "problem" for the time being. Living in the Sonoran desert, there are about 12 days a year when clothes would not dry outside, and those days are not consecutive. Even given all of this, I just know that if I had an operational dryer, it would temp me and I would give in more times than not. So far, though, I am enjoying drying my clothes outside. My only complaint is that my towels get a little stiff. Somehow, I think I'll survive.

  2. I have always thought that drying clothes on the line was the "right" thing to do, but had a bad attitude about some things, like the different smell and the crunchy towels. Then, a bunch of people told me they love the smell of clothes dried outside, and someone also said that the stiffer towels feel great because they really dry you off and feel exfoliating or something. I realized it was all in your perspective and began to enjoy even those things I once found annoying.

    And I am jealous of your year-round clothesline weather! That sounds SOOO nice right now! I'm sure you appreciate it.