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Officially Done With Diapers

We started potty training on Saturday, today is Wednesday, and we have only had 1 full accident per day Monday through today, not counting during sleep. Pretty successful I feel! Yesterday at daycare she held it all day then peed during her nap, and today she peed in the potty for her daycare provider. Yay! The method we are using is kind of a cold-turkey thing but Sweet Pea hasn't requested a diaper except for getting ready for bed the first night. So, I am selling most of our cloth diapers! It was a hard choice because we would really save the most money in the long run if we just kept all of these ones for the next baby, and it will be hard to say goodbye to some of our pretty pretty Goodmamas. Is it weird to be attached to diapers?

The reason I decided to go ahead and sell now is that #1 we could really use the cash now, #2 we have very very limited storage space in this house and I don't want to buy yet another storage tub to hold items that we won't use for more than…

A Big Girl

Tonight is our second night of a three-day focused effort of potty learning. We have been through probably 30-40 pair of underwear, 2 sets of sheets, and many M&Ms. About an hour ago Sweet Pea sat on the potty and peed more than just a trickle for the first time since she was under  a year old. So exciting! She has definitely been getting the idea over the last couple of days but for some reason has a hard time really letting go when she's sitting on the potty and will pee again a few minutes after she gets off.

We are using the three day method and I have really positive feelings about it. I will share more later but just wanted to dash off a quick update since it's been a while.

Happy three day weekend!