Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top Twos for Advice

My top two sources of online information about breastfeeding:
La Leche League International resources page

My top two forums for person-to-person advice on breastfeeding, and all things related to parenting:

My top two books on breastfeeding and baby care:

My top two books on birth:

I really value having sources that I trust for information to go to whenever I have a question or a doubt about something. Yes, I can do a Google search, but having done online research on medical topics before, I know how hard it can be sometimes to figure out if I've found a valid expert, or just someone's opinion, and it can also be hard to tell if the advice I'm getting is really in line with my overall philosophies. All of the sources listed above meet my requirements for positive, pro-attachment, expert advice. Of course, the forums are not purely experts but the parents on these two generally have a similar perspective, and you can often tell what's good advice by how many "seconds" an idea gets. I have gotten help from the moms at DiaperSwappers countless times when I was worried about my nursing latch, my milk supply, or my baby's sleep.

What are your favorite sources for parenting advice?

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  1. You've listed some very good stuff!
    I gave you an award this morning!