Saturday, October 3, 2009


It's October, which means it's time for wearing rain coats, going to the corn maze, and planning our Halloween costumes. The top two schemes in the running so far:

1. Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Sweet Pea
2. A storm trooper, Princess Leia, and Yoda

Number 2 is what we did last year, so we already have the costumes, but we didn't have a baby to be Yoda, and we didn't go to any parties.

Sorry for the low quality photo, but here is the Princess Leia costume I made last year to fit my pregnant body.

So, which idea is better? Or do you have any other suggestions for fun family costumes? Thanks in advance!


  1. Cute! I wish my husband would dress up with us! Ethan's going as a puppy and I may or may not dress up. I still have a poodle skirt somewhere!
    I like the popeye idea.

  2. I also second #1, only because it's adorable. But Star Wars would be equally awesome. For me, I'm hoping someone has a gathering, because I REALLY want to do the pregnant nun w/ a priest bit.

  3. Wow: a pregnant nun with a priest! Excellent idea! Maybe we should have a Halloween party... it is Average's favorite holiday after all.

  4. Okay so can average go as popeye and sweet pea go as yoda. I know it doesn't make thematic sense but it would make me very very happy.