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The Great Eugene Snowpocalypse of 2013

Last Friday, we got over six inches of snow in Eugene. Today is Wednesday, and school is still cancelled due to icy roads. We are at the point where we have done all of the fun snow activities, and all of the fun indoor activities we can think of. I took my kids to daycare today so they could play with friends and I could get some work done (lesson planning). But then I thought of my lonely little blog and figured I would share a couple of the pictures I've taken the last few days of our snowy wonderland and cookie baking fun. Neighbor's house with the lovely sky. It's been so clear! She runs everywhere, in every condition. Attaching straps to tow Stella by bike. Henry thought it was a bad idea. Stella loved it and didn't want to stop. Cold little nose and mis-matched mittens. Just doing some blending with ski hat and glasses. No big deal. Swings! We love cookies! Notice all the sprinkles? Stella's favorite part. Th