Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reasons this blog will never never ever be able to compete with

I've never:

  • been a professional web designer
  • taken professional-level photographs
  • taken professional-level photos of two cute dogs
  • been married to a web designer
  • been fired from my job for my blog
  • publicly denounced my family's religion
  • moved back in with my parents
  • been in a mental hospital
  • written (nor will ever write) anything nearly as hilarious as this, or any number of her other posts
  • used swear words so freely

But I do have a few things in common with Heather Armstrong, of
We both:

  • had a natural birth
  • have daughters with a cute dimple
  • enjoy babies
  • have constipation problems
  • like music and movies and reading other people's blogs

So, yes I am a fan and take inspiration from the fact that she can make a living from her writing, but I hope to never be in some of the situations she's been in that have made for such exciting blogging. Thanks, dooce, for keeping me so entertained on many nights while I nurse my baby to sleep, sitting at the computer!


  1. She is soo funny. Such a smart ass and really fun to read. I love her pics too.

  2. Not surprising that she's in the top 100 bloggers!