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A Day in the Life

I had been thinking about this topic idea for a while, and since we got a puppy I feel like my daily life has gotten even more crazy. So here is a post about a day in the life of Mommy and Sweet Pea.
  • Puppy Glen and baby Sweet Pea wake up a couple of times through the night; baby nurses, Average takes puppy outside to potty
  • Glen wakes up for good in the morning and has his morning meal after potty outside
  • Sweet Pea wakes up and has her morning meal (nursing) and then first diaper change of the day
  • Mommy eats breakfast and does some dishes
  • Glen goes potty outside again
  • Mommy and Sweet Pea play together while Glen plays outside
  • Nurse Sweet Pea
  • Change Sweet Pea's diaper
  • All take a walk together
  • Mommy checks email, reads blogs, while (hopefully) Sweet Pea naps
  • Change Sweet Pea's diaper
  • Take Glen potty
  • Lunch for Glen, then Mommy, then Sweet Pea
  • Try to do some housecleaning: laundry, sweep, etc.
  • Change Sweet Pea's diaper
  • Take Glen potty
  • Errands or visits to friends
  • Change Sweet Pea's diaper
  • Get Sweet Pea to take a nap (usually includes nursing)
  • Take Glen potty
  • Hopefully Glen naps
  • Change Sweet Pea's diaper
  • Play time or walk for us all again
  • Nurse Sweet Pea
  • Start to make dinner
  • Take Glen potty
  • Change Sweet Pea's diaper
  • Email/online time for Mommy
  • Feed Glen
  • Nurse Sweet Pea
  • Change Sweet Pea's diaper
  • Take Glen potty
  • Finish making dinner
  • Eat with Average
  • Household chores: dishes, fold laundry etc.
  • Feed Glen
  • Take Glen potty
  • Play with Sweet Pea
  • Glen goes to bed
  • Get Sweet Pea ready for bed: bath, storytime, night-time diaper
  • Nurse Sweet Pea to sleep
  • TV or reading time for Mommy and Average
  • Mommy and Average shower
  • Bedtime
That is actually kind of my ideal day, and is pretty much how today went, except I did my walk before my errands, instead of after, and Average was home this morning and put together a stew so I didn't have to cook tonight. However, tomorrow the tree service comes to prune our fruit trees, and there is something going on pretty much every day for the next week or so. So, the reality of my life is more typically like what happened yesterday.

I went to a festival at our local recycling facility (where my dad was playing music). On the drive home Sweet Pea started crying - sobbing actually. By the time we arrived I was desperate to get her inside and comforted. I paused for only about 30 seconds to try to get Glen to go potty, then rushed into the house, dog in tow. I grabbed my cell phone as I sat down with Sweet Pea, and saw that I had missed 12 "alerts" (calls or text messages). I remembered that I had an appointment that afternoon and was supposed to call back about it, and my phone was almost out of battery. I tried to sit in my bedroom with Sweet Pea latched on nursing, while I charged my phone and checked my messages at the same time. I glanced into the hallway, and saw.... Glen peeing on the floor! Gah! Oh no! In that moment I felt totally overwhelmed. Every time I moved Sweet Pea started crying again. I prioritized, put down the cell phone, pulled Glen into his crate to avoid tracking the pee around, and sat down in my rocking chair with Sweet Pea. I heard my phone beeping more messages and Glen barking and whining from the next room, but I knew I needed to nurse her before anything else. Once she was finally asleep, I put her down, cleaned up the pee, then let Glen out and took him outside. Whew. Just with a baby I thought my life felt chaotic, and now I have added another element. Am I crazy?


  1. I have been wanting to get another dog but I haven't because I'm sure I don't have the energy to take care of it!

  2. Your puppy is really cute, by the way.

  3. Having a puppy is like having another kiddo! I think your puppy is going to turn into a big dog when he grows into those paws!!!

  4. Yeah, it is *practically* like having another baby, but one that I can put in a crate for a while with a toy to keep him happy! So, slightly easier :)

    We think he might end up pretty big too. We've only had him a little over a week and he's definitely grown in that time. Already he's taller and more slim. His dad's breed is a mystery so it's hard to tell what he'll end up like.

  5. You're not crazy, just enthusiastic about life! And a strong, energetic woman, at that! That is a cute puppy and I'm sure there are moments when it's overwhelming, but aren't there also so many moments where you just wouldn't want it any other way?:)

  6. Yes Ann, you are exactly right about the good moments making it all worth it. Like when Sweet Pea laughs and laughs at Glen licking her feet. Or when we all take a walk together as a family. Thanks for the support!


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