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Baby Messes

Here are a few of the messes that my sweet baby has made in the house this week.

Clearly, she has continued with the "emptying everything" phase. Although she has on occasion begun filling things, too. Today she put a big tape measure in the diaper bag. I found it when we were at a restaurant. The other day she put the mixer blades in the oven drawer and I felt slightly crazy when I was trying to clean up the kitchen and they seemed to have disappeared. We now have child safety devices on our kitchen cupboards so she can't do that anymore, which she finds very frustrating.

Sometimes I think I spend half my day cleaning up Sweet Pea's messes, but she has such fun making them, and I know this phase won't last forever. The one certainty in life is that time will pass and things will change. I was just looking through my photos and found what I looked like one year ago. Unbelievable.


  1. Do you think now is the time to teach her to clean up messes or is it too soon? I try with Ethan to "put the toys up" and all he does is grab everything I've put up and start playing with them again!
    You were one of those skinny pregnant women! That's what I wanted but didn't get. I was pregnant all over:) You looked great! I love how your belly button stuck out. I heard somewhere when that happens the baby is "done"!

  2. I finally put my dvds and cds in a cabinet after not being able to keep Sophie away from them. Her favorite activity was pulling all the cases apart and taking the disks out. Now she has moved on to the Tupperware cupboard, which is coming really close to being tied shut. LOL.

  3. Melissa - I sometimes tell her no when I catch her in the act of clearing off a shelf, but mostly I let it go. Times when we're putting all her toys back in the basket I try to get her engaged and thinking that's fun, too, and it's worked once so far :) In general I think they're a little too young to learn to put stuff away -- soon hopefully, though. And THANKS for the compliment on my pregnant physique! I certainly did not feel skinny. People made comments all the time about how "big" I was and told me I must be having twins. Not exactly a confidence booster!

  4. Tracey - It does seem that whenever I solve one area and put child locks or rubber band something shut, she finds a new place to empty. Good luck with your cupboards. At least they are learning and entertaining themselves, right?

  5. Look at that belly!!!! Wow! You are amazing to have carried Stella around like that. And you look great now! (the belly was beautiful too)

  6. How old is your baby ? Mine is 14 months and she does the same things. She cleans up too though... But I wish my house was as messy as yours...mine looks like a tornado hit it ! I have 4 kids in a very small house though so it can get crazy at times lol..

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