Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emptying Everything

Sweet Pea's current favorite activity: emptying everything. She takes the books off the shelves, the garbage out of the basket, the napkins off the table, the containers out of the kitchen drawers, and on and on in every situation you can imagine.

Here is our typical experience sitting at the desk, notice the half-empty drawer and the pens on the floor:

I've heard that the next step will be putting things away, but not necessarily where you'd like them to be put. Check out New Urban Habitat's post about her toddler to see what I mean.


  1. They don't outgrow the emptying everything for a long time, and they may start putting things away, but generally not the same things they got out!!

  2. in celebration of her new hobby, we should make a trip up to ikea to buy some cubbies that she can empty!

  3. Sounds really frustrating to me, but it doesn't sound like you mind it too much. I have a hard enough time picking up after myself!