Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nifty Nappy Woolies and Diaper - WAHM Series

I ordered two wool longies from Nifty Nappy over the holiday. My order got lost in the holiday rush, and when owner/sewing master Vilate Thacker eventually found it, she offered to throw in a fitted diaper as well to make up for the delay. A fair deal, I thought. I was thrilled when the package arrived. One of the benefits of online shopping is that you get the rush of buying several times - first when you do the payment online, next when you see that it has shipped, and again and again every time you see the mail truck, until finally when it actually arrives and you get to open the package. Fluffy mail!

The wool longies, or "Nifty Knickers" as she calls them, are custom made to fit your little one based on measurements you send in, and at $16 each they are a steal for custom wool baby attire. We got one in red and one in purple, and Sweet Pea has already worn each several times. I really like putting her to bed in them because they are so warm and cozy. The seams are very strong; each one is sewed and then serged. Sweet Pea is super active right now so I had a hard time taking a photo of the longies on her, but here she is in the purple ones:

 Yes, we are really close to walking!

I am also impressed with the fitted she sent. This is a great diaper, it fits well and isn't too bulky, especially for a fitted. I usually add a microfiber insert wrapped up in the lay-in insert (organic hemp fleece and bamboo velour) that comes with it for longer wear.

It looks like Nifty Nappy has a great offer right now of a combo purchase of the fitted with a woolie cover for only $38, with a money-back guarantee!

In sum, I would recommend this mom-of-six's diaper business to any cloth diapering parents looking to venture into fitteds and/or wool. A great price for a great product!

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