Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naming of things

So, in my “First Post” I said that I picked the name of my blog randomly from a list I’d brainstormed. That’s not quite true. I actually made a long list of possible names, and then finally came up with one that I liked, and went with it. While it was not exactly a random choice, I didn’t put massive amounts of time into thinking it through.

Now that I’ve committed to it I think I really do like it. (If I don’t, I can always start a new one, right? It only took about 5 minutes to set this up.) The reasons I think this name works for me:

  1. It has my new nickname, and my daughter’s top nickname

  2. It expresses the idea that this is something that I’m creating, or “making”

  3. My daughter does have to be included in this because much of what I plan to write about is inspired by her, and she has to give me the time to write for it for it to work

  4. It somewhat obscures my identity for public readers who don’t know me and might want to someday look me up and stalk me and my family (that’s assuming that I do someday have public readers)

  5. It sounds silly and somewhat child-like in syntax, reminding me of how little kids talk about things. Since a large part (I expect) of my writing is related to being a parent this is the tone I’m going for.

My husband, who from now on shall be know as Average, wasn’t that impressed with the name, but I think it’s growing on him.

How does one choose a name for anything? It seems like it could be something that could cause a lot of stress and deliberation, although that’s not really the way we do anything (my husband and I, that is). For example, our daughter’s name (not actually sweet pea) was something that Average just chose at random during a bridal shower game, years before she was conceived, and it stuck. When we bought our house, we hadn’t looked at properties for months, then saw an ad for this one in the paper and looked at it that day, decided to make an offer that night. Same with the first time we moved into a rental, same with buying our furniture (the nice stuff from actual stores that is), same with buying our car, choosing our midwives, and I could go on. The point of this is, I guess, that we are the kind of people who feel like we know when we find the right thing, and I’m hoping I’ve done that with this blog name.

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  1. I did not pick it at random as it may hae been made to appear. I yelled it Brando style in response to a question that caught me completely off guard. -Avg