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Not Another Day Stuck at Home!

I was in a terrible mood yesterday morning. Our back fence in being replaced (the neighbor hired a company), so Glen can't go outside to potty or play without us taking him on the leash. Henry has been sick, really sick, for the past six days, and we are just starting to see real improvement, so I am exhausted. Stella has a cough too so I can't really send her to a friend's house to play, but she is not sick enough that she is happy to be just hanging out at home watching movies and playing with toys, so she is asking for a lot of attention, and begging for a friend to play with. My subbing paycheck for the month was tiny, so we are on a very tight budget. All of those things came together and made me a very grouchy mama. I ignored my kids for a few minutes, locked myself in the bathroom, and talked on the phone with my friend. When I came out, I was determined to change my attitude. I would make the best of all this forced togetherness, with no pressure to get anything in particular accomplished today. I would ignore most of the chores, and just enjoy my kids. Stella and I ate Jell-o, we painted our nails, I carried Henry a lot, and read a few stories. Henry is just starting to turn the pages and pay attention. We enjoyed watching the fence go up through our back window, and Stella called out a "Hello" and an "I'm excited for the new fence you're building!!!" to the workers, which made them smile. Me, too. I ignored the kids for a little while more while I took a shower and dried my hair and felt very much more awake. We ate a light lunch, and I got Henry to sleep in the ERGO and gave him his breathing treatment. I got to read some blogs and catch up on my email while Stella watched a show. The little guy woke back up after a nice long nap and we got to take our walk in the sunshine, although it was still quite cold and Henry refused to wear a hat. He rode in the stroller under a blanket and with a scarf of mine trying to keep his ears warm. Stella took her run bike and got some exercise, as did Glen on the leash. We found litter and picked it up, and Stella was proud to help. Joe got home from work late and I had Henry bathed and asleep before he arrived, and Stella pj'ed and toothbrushed. We made it through another day home-bound, and even had fun. And since Henry was no longer so miserable with his cough, we were able to have a nice balance of rest and activity. Sometimes I get so focused on the idea of getting out to do fun and enriching activities, to play with other kids and get adult company for myself, that I forget the pleasures of a simple day at home.

P.S. Henry slept until after midnight and that was his only waking last night. After nearly a week of being up with him crying and coughing 4-8 times per night, it felt pretty amazing. I am a happier mama today


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