Saturday, December 8, 2012

11 months old

Just a basic journal-type entry about Henry, as he enters his last month before age one:

At 11 months old, Henry seems to be squarely on track for all baby development signs, if a little slower than his sister with mobility. He has become an adept crawler over the last two months. He is starting to pull himself up on things, balancing on his knees.

He eats a wide variety of food, and likes purees and finger foods including carrots, crackers, cereal, beans, corn, squash, apples, bananas, pears, rice, and peas.

We have been through many different phases of sleep, including a really rough patch a few weeks ago, but seem to be coming out of that into an easier pattern of falling asleep. However, he seems to be at the beginning of the transition from two naps a day to one, which makes bedtimes inconsistent.

Talking seems to be just around the corner, or may have already begun. Learning words seems to be such a gradual process, I never know when a baby crosses the line from babbling syllables to actually expressing an idea or naming something. I think he is saying mamamamamama to refer to me, and also says ba sometimes as if expressing something, but there is no consistency yet.

Henry screams loudly to protest when something he wants is taken from him (often by his sister), and squeals or gasps in pleasure at the sight of a truck rolling towards him. He giggles when it's time to nurse, and also laughs at his sister's jokes, funny faces, or just when other people laugh.

We think he is musically inclined, as he bops his body along to songs and is absolutely fascinated by instruments. He likes to play the instrument our friend Marie gave us, and spent a good 45 minutes strumming a ukelele at a friend's house.

He is big for his age, his eyelashes are still long and lovely, and his eyebrows still get frequent comments from strangers. We love our baby boy so much.

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