Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Long, Summer

Summer is officially over, in my view. Teachers are back at work, nights are cool, and it's time for preserving pears. That means fall. I didn't post a single thing on this blog all summer, but I would like to share and record some of what we did. I had a lovely summer full of fun outdoors, at the pool, the river, and my back yard. So, here are some photos to share a slice of our summer.
Above: We had a lovely lunch date with some friends at King Estate Winery this weekend. It was nice to get out and have some grown-up time with a fun couple. I'm sure what everyone would rather see are photos of my adorable children, though.
So, here are a few from a fun summer day at Odell Lake, a favorite spot for my family. Mostly, fun with hats, but also, Stella swimming in the pollen-filled lake:

Thanks to Anne for inviting us up to visit her cabin for the day! Next year you're getting Stella overnight :)

I will post more photos as I have time. We actually have another 2 weeks of summer-like activities, as we are going camping the weekend after next at another beautiful Oregon lake, Waldo, and I am not working a regular job this year! (I will be subbing, and maybe teaching online and/or scoring essays).

What's that, staying home? Well, yes, I decided to take a leave of absence from my teaching job this year, and am so happy that I made that choice. I am very glad not to be heading back to work, especially after the worst week we have ever had with Henry, which included random vomiting, low fevers, nights of screaming and coughing, a (unnecessary) visit to the ER in the middle of the night, and several conversations with our doctor, and ended with three new teeth poking through, for a total of 7, almost 8, teeth in this little guy who is not quite yet 8 months old. Could the whole thing have been caused by teething? I am skeptical, since his first 4 teeth came through with little excitement, but it does seem possible. He slept all night last night, for the first time in weeks, the day after his teeth came in. Also, I was drinking caffeine for a while and have completely cut it out again. Also possibly not causal but might as well since stopping drinking it has coincided with great sleep. It also could have been a virus of some kind. We'll probably never know.

P.S. The ER doctor said Henry was the happiest baby he had ever seen in there. I was like "yeah, that's how he normally is, which is why the last two hours of inconsolable screaming have been so distressing..." But I was just glad he was done screaming. He miraculously stopped crying as soon as we got the hospital.

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  1. I'm glad Henry is doing better. I love how kids are miraculously better when you show up at the ER.