Thursday, April 26, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Since my last post, in March, I've returned to work, and life feels incredibly busy. The days go by so fast, even though I'm getting up earlier than ever (by 6:00 most days). I would love to share some photos but can't figure that out right now as my ancient computer is hopefully off somewhere getting fixed. At this moment, I am sitting on the bed in Henry's room, next to him as he stirs in his sleep, gazing out the window at the apple tree in my backyard that is absolutely coated in white blossoms. It's one of those spring afternoons where the sky is kind of dark and stormy but sunlight is coming in from the side and lighting up the fresh bright green-ness of everything. Just lovely. I love spring! One reason I have always loved the spring is that my birthday is in May. I'm not ashamed to admit - I love my birthday. This is the first year, though, that I will turn an age that might be seen as undesirable. Thirty years old does seem like a milestone of some kind, a bigger deal than, say, 26, but I'm not sad at all to be turning 30. I've made it to this age in pretty good shape, mentally and physically (although still have a long ways to go to in terms of post-baby body work), and am proud to be a mom, teacher, wife, doula, and friend. I read the 30 Things... list and feel like I'm doing well by the standards of that list. Although, I don't have a good suitcase yet. Birthday gift, anyone? So, what to do for a 30th birthday party? I'm not going to Las Vegas, or Rome. In fact, leaving town at all seems impractical and unappealing. One of my best birthdays in recent years was a croquet party at a local golf course. I could do that again, but an exact repeat seems not quite right somehow. I've asked for advice on facebook and am getting some interesting responses! I do have tentative plans for a late-morning movie viewing with good friends, including some light drinking and heavy snacking. This is the best way to watch a movie, if you haven't tried it before. Go early and drink your Bailey's and chocolate milk from a pre-mixed Nalgene bottle, and fill your purse with Chex Muddy Buddy's. You won't be sorry you did. But enough about me. You want to hear about the little one, I'm sure!

Henry is a giant of a baby, still. The classic oxymoron. He eats well, sleeps well most of the time, smiles a lot, and brings us so much joy. He is just learning to hold onto things and is doing little giggly, gurgly laughs on occasion. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and The No-Cry Nap Solution have led us to a sleep-wake routine that seems to be working very well. He eats right away when he wakes, hangs out for a while, and when he starts fussing or yawns it's time to go back to sleep (after 1-2 hours, usually). When I follow this pattern, I don't hear him cry for days at a time.

Stella, my Sweet Pea, is doing awesome as a big sister. She does want to be in my lap more than ever, particularly when Henry is already in my lap, but jealousy has been pretty minimal. Today she had her second haircut ever, which she really needed! Her babysitter Belia did it for us, and she is very professional about it, has all the tools and does a great job. Stella has lengthened out into quite a string bean. We have been marking her height on a wall and she has made some major jumps up this year. She turned 3 at the end of February, and we had a super fun princess party for her. it was a good lesson for me in letting her choose what she wants. She is the smartest little girl I know (of course), and can count to 30 in Spanish, higher with a few prompts, recognize all the letters, write her name, and is beginning to recognize the sounds letters make. She loves to paint, draw, read, ride her bike with training wheels (a birthday gift), watch Yo Gabba Gabba (she calls it Yo Yo A Dabba), and play with her dollhouse and dolls.

We've had a busy month with many firsts for Henry, and some for Stella too. We went to Portland and went to the zoo, celebrated Easter with family, and towed both kids in the bike trailer. We've done some work on the garden, started exercising again, and learned to go to bed early (most of the time).

Life is good. Henry is waking, and I MUST get Stella up before she's completely ruined for bedtime tonight! Blessings to you. Thanks for reading.

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