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Busy Fall Days

What I have been doing:Working working working, cooking dinners, walking the dog, cleaning house, planning the baby room, visiting friends, going to yoga, playing with Sweet Pea, going to appointments (midwives, chiropractor, massage), reading, even watching a little TV. Basically, I've been just living my life. Mixed in there, I spent my first night away from Sweet Pea when Average and I took a "babymoon" to Ashland, OR to spend the night and see a play. I survived (barely) five days of single-working-pregnant-parent life while Average helped his dad with a building project in Eastern Oregon. I also went to a Saturday training on teaching Shakespeare, finished the first quarter of teaching, and had and recovered from a terrible cold.We went to the pumpkin patch multiple times and celebrated Halloween with parties and trick-or-treating.

In the coming month we will: host Thanksgiving at our house this weekend, go to Gold Beach for Thanksgiving with my mom, celebrate Average's birthday, celebrate our coming baby with a baby shower, and make it to my last day of work before maternity leave. I also really hope the baby settles into a more stable head-down position during this time, as he or she seems to prefer transverse or some odd diagonal position for the last few weeks.

Some of my favorite photos from the past month (or two?) since I last blogged:

Sweet Pea is all decked out in her new fall accessories, plus angel wings.
My costume for super hero day during homecoming week at school. 

(I made that for Average two years ago.)

One of Sweet Pea's 2 costumes this year.
Wigging out
With her best friend. These kids know how to smile for a photo!
I can't believe winter is around the corner. We are experiencing our first real fall stormy weather here right now, and I have to say, I haven't been missing the rain. Or puddles and wet feet. Luckily Sweet Pea is all set to go with her rain gear!

Time to go make dinner. I'll write again soon - promise!


  1. I'm pretty much dying from the cuteness. Glad to hear your fall has been so colorful, I can't wait to see you!!!!!!

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