Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka

We were in Hawaii for Christmas this year, thanks to Average's mom's generosity. She gave money for plane tickets and reserved housing for her five children and their families. We were only there for five days but managed to fit a lot in, including snorkeling, a luau, visiting a black sand beach, Volcanoes National Park, and the Place of Refuge (a historical site).

It was a fabulous trip, and Sweet Pea LOVED playing in the water, or "simming," as she called it. It was hard to get her in the water the first day but by day three we could barely drag her out to reapply sun block. She also loved tagging along with her cousins and getting to hang out with so many aunts and uncles all in one place.

The plane ride was a little rough, just because we couldn't afford to buy her a ticket if we didn't have to, and she still technically is young enough to be a lap baby, although when she napped she had to be laying across both her dad's and my lap. She kicked the seat in front, made a few high pitched screams, knocked the snacks off the table, head butted me (accidentally), grabbed our neighbor's drink, and talked endlessly about airplanes, school buses, Auntie Jen and Auntie Rachel and Auntie Hilary, Elmo, pretzels, water, and milp. But really, we couldn't have expected anything better. She never really cried, and she slept for about an hour of both the departing and returning flight.

This trip was our first experience using regular disposable diapers. We brought one bag of gDiaper disposable inserts, but used those up after the first couple of days. We only checked one bag between the three of us and decided it wasn't worth it to us to pack a full supply of cloth. The disposables were pretty amazing to me in terms of how small and trim they are, and how the tabs work, but I think they smell weird and are pretty gross when they are full of pee. The whole chemical gel thing is just kind of yucky to me. This is one situation where I am glad disposables exist. Although we probably spent just as much buying diapers as it would have cost to bring another checked bag, we didn't have to lug them through the airports or worry about washing them while on vacation. We have been back in cloth since bedtime last night and it feels good. Potty training is on my mind for sometime in the next couple of months. I think I am going to use the 3-day method. Any advice?

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  1. Cassandra MidnightJanuary 4, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    I just started reading your blog and I love it. Thank you for sharing!

    I started potty training with Zandra around 18 months. We tried lots of different methods and techniques. After about 3 months of trying lots of messes and stress we called it quits. I waited until she initiated and was actively wanting to use the potty on her own. It was so effortless and she was so proud of herself. She trained herself at age 2 in about a week. We still did diapers at bedtime until just recently and she is 5. We used and still use cloth diapers and cloth training pants.

    My son trained himself at age 3, he wanted to be Batman and Batman does not wear a diaper.

    Letting them lead and choose is definitely the model that works best for us.

    May you have few poo piles to clean up and happy potty moments. I look forward to reading about it.