Saturday, October 16, 2010

Run, Mommy, Run

This morning (probably closer to early afternoon, actually - we are not exactly morning people) Average and I went out on a run. It was our first run together in about two weeks. The weather was perfect and it felt great! We did a little three-mile loop, and brought Glen and Sweet Pea along with us. I am hoping we can do this on a regular basis over the next six months or so, or until one of us starts training for a longer race and needs to do some longer runs than Glen and Sweet Pea can tolerate. They can only make it for about five miles before becoming too tired and/or bored and needing to head for home.

Since I started running last spring, I've lost about 10 pounds, gained a lot of stamina and lung capacity (I have asthma), and a lot of confidence. I have been a runner, sort of, at other times in my life, but this experience is better than any other time. I probably need it more than any other time, too! Running is hard to get started because it just hurts the first couple of weeks until you start getting in shape, and unless I have a good motivation, such as a running buddy, a particular fitness goal, or a race coming up, it is hard for me to keep it up for more than a couple of months. But if you can get over the initial hump of breathlessness, and maintain a regular schedule, you'll feel fantastic. Some of the things that have inspired me were seeing my sister and husband run a half-marathon last year, reading Born to Run, and really really wanting to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I also had a great running buddy as well as a supportive husband.

Running is great for so many reasons:
  • It's free. All you need are shoes (or not if you're into barefoot running), and a half-hour or so. No gym membership, no expensive equipment, no trainer.
  • You get to experience the outdoors and explore your neighborhood. Last week I found a new park that I didn't know existed! I like running even in the cold and rain because it is so invigorating and feels great to breathe the fresh air.
  • You can take your baby (or kid depending on how big your stroller is) and maybe your dog if he or she likes to run. No need for a babysitter. It often is a great way to get Sweet Pea to take a nap, actually, which is especially great right now because she is sometimes too busy for a nap when there are toys to play with.
  • Just like any form of exercise, it gets you to sweat, which is good for your skin. It feels sooo good to shower after a workout!
  • Also, just like any form of exercise, it is good for your heart, muscles, and even your brain! I recently heard on the radio that physical exercise may be even  more important than mental exercise for preventing or delaying Alzheimer's and dementia.
The first week in September, I ran a half-marathon, and then a week later I ran the Warrior Dash. The Warrior Dash is a really ridiculous 5k race full of obstacles, but super fun. I tried to add a photo from that day but my uploader got stuck. Maybe I'll try again later. Both times, I ran with some great women and had a blast! Today, Average got us signed up for the Springfield Turkey Stuffer, a Thanksgiving Day 5k that we plan to do with our extended families. What a great way to start out Thanksgiving!

Do you run? Do you consider yourself a "runner"?


  1. Rose, you make an AWESOME running partner, and so does Stella! I hope we get to continue running this winter, maybe can train for the Eugene 1/2 in the spring!!

  2. That would be great! I really want to keep it up and doing another half in May sounds just right.

  3. So proud of you for running the Eugene Women's Half! The Eugene 1/2 is fun because it's always near our birthdays, so you can just dodge certain age groups.

    I really hope I can join y'all for one of these family runs when I'm home for the holidays.