Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flip Diaper

I recently bought a new type of diaper for Sweet Pea. It is the Flip diaper, and it is exactly what I would have designed if I had been asked to make a new diaper. It is a two-part system, with a shell that can be used through many changes, and three options for your absorbent insert. I chose the "stay dry" insert, which is microfiber on one side (do not put this side against your baby's skin!) and thin wicking fleece on the other side.

The reasons this is the diaper I have been looking for:
  • one-size to grow with the baby
  • snapping cover so Sweet Pea can't remove it herself!
  • stay-dry insert keeps my sensitive-skin baby rash free
  • less laundry because the shell can be used through several diaper changes
The diaper shell can also be used with an organic cotton insert, or a disposable insert, but I haven't tried those options. I also read in the reviews that some people are using these shells with pre-folds and other inserts they already had, with good success.

Average wasn't super impressed with this diaper the first time he tried it because poo did get on the shell, so it didn't last through multiple changes. But, nothing escaped from the diaper itself! I have also heard of people not loving the covers because they feel fairly thin. We haven't had any leak problems though and they seem to be holding up through wash after wash.

While the inserts are more expensive than prefolds, (the stay-dry are $4.95 each), I am very happy with the wicking properties because Sweet Pea tends to get a rash whenever we use cotton for more than a couple of changes. Our local baby store also carries these diapers in stock, and recently had the inserts on sale. We really don't need to add more diapers to our stash right now, but I am tempted to buy more just because I like these!


  1. Hey there!
    We still like our Knickernappies (no problems yet with growing with him-he's 27#) but I have to say I am NOT enthusiastic about scraping them off multiple times/day despite the flushable rice paper liners - they always move! Ugh. Makes me want to give up on cloth diapers! Suggestions? Besides never feeding him anything with fiber again?! HAH!

  2. Have you thought about getting a diaper sprayer? Maybe spraying would work better than scraping for you? You could also try a different kind of liner. Perhaps you will find one that stays in place better.

    My only other suggestion is to wait it out. His elimination habits may change over time. Sweet Pea only poos once a day, if not every other day at times. Sometimes the poos just shake off into the toilet, which is more common the older they get, I hear. Also, we don't have too much longer until potty learning!

    Good luck!