Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of May and the Garden is Planted!

This week has been extremely wet here in western Oregon. By Thursday morning, the rain was really getting to me. I was worried my new starts were going to drown and that the seeds I'd planted last weekend were going to rot. Luckily, there was sun that afternoon and when I went into the backyard I discovered many of my seeds had sprouted, and everything other than the two lemon cucumbers was still looking fairly healthy. We now have nearly everything in, except for the corn. From left to right, our beds contain:

1. thyme, rosemary, lettuce, broccoli, cilantro, oregano, and cabbage.
2. carrots and potatoes (planted late - just a couple of days ago)
3. 8 tomatoes and 2 peppers
4. strawberries
5. half of the bed is strawberries (which we might move to join the other bed to give us more room for other things), cucumber, one lone eggplant, and a couple of echinacea
6. empty for now, but it will be soon filled with corn - we are doing seeds in containers and will move them one they are up. We plan to do them in stages because last year our corn did very well, but we had more than we could eat for about 2 weeks, and none the rest of the summer.

Here are a few photos I took last week, and I will continue to update through the summer as things grow.

the bed of tomatoes

raspberries, reaching for the sky (today they are up to the second wire)

all six beds


moss in the path

the dog yard
I have also planted climbing flowers at the posts of the dog yard, and am hoping for lovely flowers around the fence as the summer progresses.

My main goal for this year is to get all areas of the yard with bare dirt fully covered with plants. With the rain, Glen the dog gets quite muddy every time he goes outside. Does anyone with a dog run/dog area have tips for keeping the mud to a minimum? I finally got a kiddie pool yesterday to use to bathe him before bringing him inside in case the rain continues. If the rain doesn't continue, we will have a fun place for Sweet Pea to splash around when it gets hot.


  1. OH, this is so great! I love all your ideas and will keep them in mind for when we have our own yard. For now, we will stick with the container garden.

  2. Pea gravel...the breeder of my dog used it and she sprayed it down with a water hose hose every day to keep the dog are clean.

  3. Is that regular lattice on the ground or something else?

  4. You never said how you made the dog area.

  5. What kind of dog fence is that?

  6. What kind of dog fence is that?